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BNT – a world of valuable coins!

Welcome to BNT, your partner for British coins and valuable minted items from all over the world and from every historical period.


Whether you’re an experienced numismatist, an enthusiastic newcomer to the field or an investor in search of quality gold and silver coins, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for on our site. Moreover, at BNT you’ll also find high-quality coin accessories, great gift ideas and invaluable tips for collectors.


Coins from the UK, Europe and the rest of the world


In BNT’s world of coins, you’ll find British and English coins, as well as Euro coins including some particularly valuable items from microstates such as the Vatican. Moreover, our online shop has many of the most beautiful issues from the major minting countries such as the USA and Canada, China and Australia. Regardless of whether you buy exquisite individual items, such as the Krügerrand from South Africa, or collections lovingly compiled – when you buy coins from BNT, you cannot fail to enrich your collection.


Historic originals and theme coins


From antique coins to the classic coins of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (silver coins and gold coins), numismatic highlights from centuries and millennia of the history of money are here for you to discover at BNT. Besides these, we also sell theme coins on a wide range of current topics from the Olympic Games or football right through to technology, as well as “The Smallest Gold Coins in the World” and specially selected coloured coins. You’ll also find gold bars with exclusive motifs which, besides being an investment, also have collector value.


New coins from around the world


If a mint anywhere in the world is making headlines with a fascinating new issue, there's every chance that you will find the coveted item in our range. You can even pre-order many of the new issues in our BNT online shop so that on the official day of issue you’re not left empty-handed. It is always worth regularly checking out the new coins on our site.


Accessories and gift ideas


To weigh, measure, store and care for your precious bullion coins, collector coins and commemorative coins like a professional, BNT has put together a large range of accessories for you. We also offer great gifts on the subject of money and coins.