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  • This is first time King Canute has been commemorated on a UK Coin
  • The reverse features the fifth portrait of HM The Queen
  • The edge of the Brilliant Uncirculated and silver Proof coins
  • The edge of the double thick Piedfort silver coin
  • The Brilliant Uncirculated coin comes with an information presentation pack
  • The silver and silver Piedfort coins in a branded Royal Mint presentation box

The 1000th Anniversary of the Coronation of King Canute 2017

Article Number: G_P400527

  • The only official coins to mark Canute's 1000th anniversary
  • Inspired by Canute's original official currency
  • Canute's first appearance on a UK coin
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Starting at: £13.00

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Starting at: £13.00

incl. 20% VAT

Stunning Royal Mint £5 coin range celebrates the 1,000th anniversary of King Canute's coronation

Royal Mint has issued the only official UK coins to mark the 1017 coronation of the Viking Conqueror and English King.

This is the first time King Canute or a 1,000 year anniversary has been commemorated on UK coins, making them very special.

Available to buy are the:

  •  Brilliant Uncirculated £5 coin
  •  Silver Proof £5 coin 
  •  Silver Proof Piedfort £5 coin

The gold £5 coin is no longer available.

Why Celebrate King Canute?

Canute the Great (also Cnut and Knut) was crowned King of England in 1017. As a Viking king and ruler of Denmark, he protected England from the devasting Viking assaults that plagued the country for 100 years. He promoted himself as a peaceful English king, and made generous gifts to the Christian church.

The 20 years that followed his coronation were peaceful, and trade and art flourished, paving the way to the England we recognise today.

Own part of history today!

Year of Issue: 2017
Country of Issue: United Kingdom
Quality: Proof
Mint: The Royal Mint
Currency: GBP Pounds
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The Royal Mint 1,000th Coronation of King Canute 2017 £5 Brilliant Uncirculated Coin
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Article Number: 1331160119
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The 1000th Coronation of King Canute 2017 UK £5 Proof Silver Coin
incl. 20% VAT
Article Number: 1331170118
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The 1000th Coronation of King Canute 2017 UK £5 Silver Proof Piedfort Coin
incl. 20% VAT
Article Number: 1331180117
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