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  • 1 oz. Pure Silver Coloured Coin – Canadiana Kaleidoscope: Polar Bear
  • Canadiana Kaleidoscope: Polar Bear obverse
  • Canadiana Kaleidoscope: Polar Bear reverse

Canadiana Kaleidoscope - Polar Bear 2016 1oz Pure Silver Coloured Coin

Article Number: 1339640104

  • Old meets new in this innovative fine silver coin
  • One of the thinnest coins ever
  • Mintage 7,500

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Classic meets innovative with this fascinating coin.

This impressive silver proof coin explores the incredible designs that can be achieved through the vibrant patterns of the old favourite, the kaleidoscope.

The Polar Bear is part of a three-coin Canadiana Kaleidoscope set that also features the Maple Leaf and The Loon.

Canadian artist Calder Moore has created a full-sized kaleidoscope design for the coin’s extra-large surface. Countless polar bears come together in a beautiful and complex edge-to-edge pattern, some face-to-face to create the outer ring of the design, while smaller bears stand rear-to-rear to form the rings in the centre.

At the extreme edge of the coin, the image of the polar bears become more obvious while individual design features endless shapes. The design is meticulously crafted with astounding detail, and beautifully enhanced with myriad shades of translucent blue to capture the reflective essence of a kaleidoscope.

Why Is This Coin Special?

Always one to push the boundaries, the Royal Canadian Mint brings together old and new in a way we've not seen before, creating a collector's first.

To recreate the classic low tech, yet intricate visual of the kaleidoscope, the Mint created a new coin specification. This has resulted in the thinnest Canadian silver coin ever produced with a 60mm diameter.

And that is why demand for this coin is so high.

Watch how the coin is made:

Mintage: 7,500
Year of Issue: 2016
Country of Issue: Canada
Metal: Silver 999/1000
Quality: Proof
Mint: Royal Canadian Mint
Currency: Dollars
Diameter: 60.00mm
Weight: 31.85g

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