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  • The Bible Set of the Vatican

The Bible Set of the Vatican

Article Number: 1404130106

  • A beautiful gift for Christmas
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With this collection, you receive an expertly compiled selection of very rare coins featuring the most beautiful Christian motifs from the smallest country in the world. The obverse of the coins are adorned by significant popes or the personal coat of arms of the pontiff. The reverses of the coins are decorated with important and famous scenes from the Christian doctrine.

In this stunning selection very much emphasis was put on characteristic illustrations from the life and work of Jesus Christ. Hence, an illustration of the blessed virgin Mary with the child Jesus is graced on the 200 Lire coin. The 5 Lire piece depicts a scene with Jesus and Mary of Bethany. The woman washes Christ's feet while he bestows her with his blessingThe 20 Lire coin presents a portrait of Jesus while he is blessing a child.


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