• The Royal Mint 2019 Colletor Proof Coin Set
The Royal Mint 2019 Colletor Proof Coin Set Click to enlarge

The Royal Mint 2019 Collector Proof Coin Set

Article Number: 1406680108

  • Officially issued by the Royal Mint
  • Includes 8 circulation & 5 commemorative coins
  • Circulation coins in Proof quality
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incl. 20% VAT

Includes The Royal Mint Medal

The Collector Proof Coin Set includes the 5 commemorative coins and 8 circulation coins of 2019.

The coins are struck in their circulation alloys to the high quality Proof standard, and are presented in an alegant wooden box.

In addition to the year's 8 circulating coins, the annual set include 5 commemorative coins of 2019, which mark 5 British anniversaries:

  • 160th Anniversary of the birth of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

  • 260th Anniversary of the formation of Wedgwood

  • 75th Anniversary of the D-Day landings

  • 350th Anniversary of Samuel Pepys' last diary entry

  • 200th Anniversary of the birth of Queen Victoria

Limited Edition Premium Medal

This set is completed by the limited edition Royal Mint medal designed by Royal Mint coin designer Kerry Davies.



The coins are presented in an elegant wooden box.

Mintage: 10,000
Year of Issue: 2019
Country of Issue: United Kingdom
Metal: 1p, 2p - Copper-plated steel
5p, 10p - Nickel-plated steel
20p, 50p - Cupro-nickel
£1 - Nickel-plated nickel brass
£2 - Cupro-nickel nickel brass
£5 - Cupro-nickel
Quality: Proof
Mint: The Royal Mint
Currency: Pound
Diameter: 1p - 20.32mm
2p - 25.91mm
5p - 18.00mm
10p - 24.50mm
20p - 21.40mm
50p - 27.30mm
£1 - 23.03mm
£2 - 28.40mm
£5 - 38.61mm
Royal Mint Medal - 25.40mm
Weight: 1p - 3.564g
2p - 7.128g
5p - 3.25g
10p - 6.50g
20p - 5.00g
50p - 8.00g
£1 - 8.75g
£2 - 12.00g
£5 - 28.28g
Royal Mint Medal - 10.06g

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