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About BNT – Coins and more!

About the British Numismatic Treasury

Coins are official means of payment, in other words, genuine money.
If you trade in coins, you need dependable partners. The British Numismatic Treasury (BNT) is a major coin merchant that enjoys the trust of the world's most important mints and finance ministries in the UK and abroad. With BNT, you’re always guaranteed stunning gold and silver coins and and first class customer service. Mutual trust – this is the devise on which our success and the satisfaction of our customers are built. And here are the main reasons why:

  • Seriousness and dependability

Seriousness and dependability create a climate in which strong, lasting partnerships can grow. That is why we act on the principle of good faith.

  • Coins from all over the world

Our experts visit trade shows and auctions all over the world on your behalf. This is how we’re able to find virtually any coin in the world for you, from antiquity to the present day. Our collectors take advantage of our long years of experience and intimate knowledge of the international coin market. And as an official distributor, we have pre-emptive purchase rights even for coins with long reservation lists at the official mints.

  • A broad range of services

We provide detailed, competent information and advice for our customers. You receive full information about market and price developments.

  • Exclusive extra services

When you buy coins from us they come properly presented without extra charge and include such items as an certificate of ownership made out in your name, a certificate of authenticity for each coin and quality coin trays.

  • Absolute security

Beside the authenticity of every coin we supply, we also guarantee you an unrestricted right of return within 14 days. That means you only keep what you really appreciate. Moreover, you can end monthly deliveries of collections at any time.

  • Official representation

BNT enjoys the trust not only of its customers but – as their official representative – also that of all the major state mints and minting authorities all over the world. This is why you will always be the first to be notified about new issues, many of which you can obtain at first-issue prices.