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BNT Coins sells a huge range of coins where coin collectors from Royal Mint fans, and avid collectors of miniature works of art, to the discerning collector who buys coins worth thousands of pounds will find what they want.

The World's Biggest Coin Trading Company

BNT Coins is the UK branch of MDM, part of the famous Richard Borek Group, which is the world's largest coin trading company and was established in 1896. MDM has the license to produce and sells coin that celebrate international sporting events, such as the World Cup and the Olympics, with the support of Fifa, Uefa and the IOC. It also has long established partnerships with mints from across the world, including The Royal Mint, the South African Mint, the US Mint and Royal Canadian Mint.

The UK Coin Shop

Following the success of new offices in Paris and Vienna, MDM established the British Numismatic Treasury in the UK in 2015. The aim was to provide an online coin shop that offered the widest range of coins from across the world to UK coin collectors. With the support, expertise and network of the world's largest coin shop, it was an instant hit.

The British Numismatic Treasury, which came to be known as BNT Coins in 2017, continues to grow rapidly. We add new coins to our website every day. For those who are spellbound by exquisite coins or enjoy the thrill of adding a new coin to their collection, there is something for everyone. We encourage you to sign up to our coin collector's newsletter to be the first to discover new, exciting coins at first-issue prices.

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Dive into Our Fascinating World of Coins

You can choose from a massive range of extraordinary coins on our website, including British pound and pre-decimal coins, and coins from around the world. We sell the popular, much anticipated coins side-by-side a wide selection of the highly creative and unique miniature works of art.

When you buy coins from us, they will arrive properly presented (without extra charge), and when appropriate include a Certificate of Authenticity and a Certificate of Ownership made out in your name. We use a trusted courier that will deliver your order safely to your door.

Royal Mint Coins

All coins issued by The Royal Mint in recent years are available on the BNT Coins website. We are constantly building our Royal Mint coin shop, and new Royal Mint coins are available to buy once they are live on the mint's website. We sell Brilliant Uncirculated, silver Proof and gold Proof Royal Mint coins, including the highly sought after Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit 50p coins, the ever popular Britannia and Sovereigns, and annual sets.

Silver Coins

Discover our incomparable collection of silver coins! We offer the silver Krugerrand, Britannia, Australian koala, and American Liberty commemorative coins. You will also find innovative pieces that display the craftsmanship of the world's best coin producers - coins that bring to life history, are embellished with Swarovski crystals, or are so incredible you'll treasure them for a lifetime.

Or perhaps you're a film or TV buff who wants to add an exciting range of memorabilia to your collection. New Zealand Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint issue a fantastic range of silver coins that pay tribute to Star Wars, Star Trek, Disney and Superman to name a few. These are often issued in small numbers and so you're guaranteed to enjoy the possession of a true limited edition collector's item.

Gold Coins

Buy fine gold and pure gold coins from the world's leading mints happy in the knowledge you are shopping with experts who only sell the best. Whether you want the new gold Britannia or Sovereign, Krugerrand and Queen's Beast, or a creative work of art struck on the purest gold, you will enjoy the collectible gold coin range we offer. Our gold coin shop also includes highly limited edition presentations.

Historical Coins

Add old British, Roman and Greek coins to your collection. Trust you're buying genuine antique coins from history - a William the Conqueror denier, a silver coin depicting Emperor Hadrian or the King George III gold spade guinea. If you can't find the coin you would like to purchase, please contact us as we have a huge network that allows us to source almost every coin you could wish for.

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VIP Coin Collector's Service

BNT Coins will help the discerning coin collector source high value, high in demand modern coins, such as the Krugerrand, Sovereign and Britannia, and ancient coins that bring history to life in the palm of your hand.

Our team of experts will visit trade shows and auctions all over the world on your behalf. This is how we’re able to find virtually any coin in the world for you, from antiquity to the present day. Our collectors take advantage of our long years of experience and intimate knowledge of the international coin market. And, as an official distributor, we have pre-emptive purchase rights even for coins with long reservation lists at the official mints.

We will provide detailed, expert information and advice for our customers. You will receive comprehensive details about market and price developments, as well as access to the world's largest numismatic network.