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  • Battles That Changed History - The Battle of Hastings 1oz Silver Coin
  • This coin cleverly combines colour and engraving, with an antique-finish
  • The reverse features the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II
  • The coin is housed in an antique-looking timber box
  • The themed outer box features a black line art illustration of the battle imposed over an antiqued paper texture

Battles That Changed History - The Battle of Hastings 2017 1oz Silver Coin

Article Number: P401208

  • Fourth release in the Battles That Changed History series
  • Wonderfully themed packaging
  • 99.9% pure silver with antique finish
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Own the Battle of Hastings, the fourth issue in New Zealand Mint's fascinating Battles That Changed History coin series

History and military enthusiasts everywhere will love this silver coin to the battle that changed British history forever

The coin's design

This antiqued silver 999/1000 coin shows King Harold standing tall and proud in resplendent full-colour military regalia. He brandishes a red shield emblazoned with the Lion of England. In the engraved background, English and Norman soldiers fight in the fierce battle for the claim to the throne. 

The coin itself has been given an antique finish, lending it a sense of age and history.   


The coin is housed in a themed outer box featuring a black line art illustration of the battle imposed over an antiqued paper texture. 

The Battle of Hastings

The death of Edward the Confessor on 5 January 1066 created a power struggle as he died without an heir. Although Harold Godwinson was crowned king shortly after, his claim to the throne was disputed by several assailants - most notably, William, Duke of Normandy.

On 14 October 1066, William and Harold met in a battle that would alter the face of English history forever. 

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Mintage: 5,000
Year of Issue: 2017
Collection: Battles That Changed History
Country of Issue: Niue
Metal: 99.9% Fine Silver
Quality: Antique
Mint: New Zealand Mint
Currency: Dollar
Diameter: 40mm
Weight: 31.10g

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