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News & Articles for Coin Collectors

Join us as we discover new issues of fascinating gold and silver coins that will delight coin collectors. So whether you're building a Royal Mint coin collection or a hand-picked collections of enchanting coins, let us introduce you to a carefully curated selection in our news and articles.

The following are some of the most popular coin news topics about coins, coin collecting, and other related news for collectors.


24 Carat Gold Coins Gold Krugerrand coins 2018 Gold Sovereigns

A Coin Collection with
Stories that are Pure Gold

Famous Coins -
The Gold Krugerrand

Secrets of the 2018
Gold Sovereign

Platinum Wedding Anniversary silver coins Royal Mint Christmas tree Isaac Newton 50 pence coin

The Inspiration Behind our
Platinum Wedding Anniversary Collection

First Look at The Royal Mint
£5 Christmas Tree Coin

Why Does Sir Isaac Newton
Feature on the New 50p Coin?

The Queen's Beasts The Queen's Beasts coins

What are the Queen's Beasts?

The Coins Royal Mint Fans
Need in their Collection