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A Coin Collection with Stories that are Pure Gold

A new BNT Coins collection pays tribute to the world's most expensive coins sold at auction

Each coin in the collection has a fascinating story

In this exclusive 24-karat gold coin collection, we pay tribute to the world's most valuable coins with 7 official commemorative coins struck on the finest gold.

Each gold coin shows the motif one one of the most expensive coins ever sold at auction in great detail. You will receive a high-quality folder to keep your gold coins in and individual Certificates of Authenticity for each coin you receive.

Not only do the coins feature some of the most expensive and rarest coins sold at auction, they are an impressive 45mm in diameter, making them the largest 1/100th ounce coins.

Add the world's most expensive coins to your collection at the fraction of the price. Don't delay - this gold coin collection is strictly limited to 10,000 sets worldwide.


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Read on to learn about the stories behind some of the coins featured in the world's most expensive gold coins collection. 

Famous Million Dollar Coins

The most expensive gold coinsDouble Eagle 20 Dollars

Less than half a million issues of the famous gold coin were struck in 1933 but none were ever circulated. President Roosevelt ordered all gold bullion be returned to the Federal Reserve in exchange for currency in an attempt to halt the general bank crisis. He also declared gold coins were no longer legal tender. However 20 year stamped gold coins escaped the melting pot. 19 gold coins were recovered by the US Secret Service who destroyed 9 of them.

Today, 2 are in the US National Numismatic Collection  and 10 are held in Fort Knox. Only 1 is in the hands of a private owner who paid USD7.59 million for it in 2002.

The gold coin's obverse shows Lady Liberty holding a torch and olive branch, backed by a glory. At the top of the coin is the inscription LIBERTY and the year 1933 is stamped to her right. The reverse depicts a bald eagle in flight, Saint-Gauden's (the designer) double eagle, backed by a glory with the motto IN GOD WE TRUST. Above the design reads UNITED STATES OF AMERICA TWENTY DOLLARS.


The most expensive gold coinsSingle 9 Pond

The Single 9 is known as the King of South African coins, some say the world. It is the only coin in the world to be officially minted by a government with a mintage of 1.

The coin was created during the Boer War (1899-1902) under the presidency of Kruger. The dies for coinage had been seized by a British patrol. This was of an important strategy for the British as it would stop the Boer Republic from minting coins and allow the British to claim the republic wasn't an independent country as it didn't even have a currency.

The Boers' plan? Punch the number 9 on old 1898 coins. The 9 would be stamped on the obverse, which was unusual as the date stamp on coins is usually on the reverse. The first, and only, punched coin of this size  was the Single 9, which was presented as a specimen of the country's currency and thus proof of its independence.

This makes it one of the rarest coins in the world. Plus, it's the only coin we're aware of that has ever been used to validate the existence of a nation.

It's believed the Single 9 is currently valued at USD3m and could reach USD50m, although there is no price ceiling at all. But, as coin collectors know, it's not all about the price.


The most expensive gold coinsEl Centén 100 Escudos

El Centén is the pride of Spain. The 100 escudos gold coin was the largest gold coin in Europe: 7.15 cm in diameter and 339.35 g. It was used to reward people within King Felipe III's circle. The obverse of the 4 centuries old coin shows a crowned shield. There is a C on the left and 100 on the right of the shield. Around the outer ring reads PHILIPPVS•III•D•G. The reverse depicts the Jerusalem cross with leaves within a 4 lobe border. HISPANIARVM•REX•1609 is inscribed around the design.

The El Centén 100 escudos coin belongs to the collection of Spanish gold coins called Caballero de las Yndias, which is made up of 2,200 coins minted in Spain and its former colonies, and acquired by a Basque numismaticist. In 2009, it was put up for auction and bought by an anonymous buyer for €800,000. Today, its estimated value is thought to be €1.1 million.

These, and other awe inspiring gold coins with intriguing stories are available in our exclusive pure gold coin collection.


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Specifications of the Collection's Coins

  Million Dollar 
Metal Gold
Purity .999
Weight 1/100 oz
Diameter 45 mm
Year Date 2017
Issuing Country Soloman Islands
Face Value $10
Mintage 10,000