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The Royal Mint's New Portrait of Britain Set for 2018

An absolute must-have for British coin collectors!

The Royal Mint's Portrait of Britain series is a unique look at British heritage. The must-have range of coins features iconic buildings, places and landmarks that have all played a part in shaping the character of our nation.

Oh, I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside

Portraits of Britain 2018 by The Royal Mint

The 2018 silver coin set is a tribute to the great British seaside. Nowhere else in the world will you enjoy the personality of the coastal town as you do in Britain. Made popular by the Victorians, and enjoyed by families across the country to the present day.

The collectible silver coins, issued on 30 April 2018, feature Blackpool, Brighton, Tenby and Southwold.

But don't expect a quirky kiss me quick or old fashioned knotted handkerchief designs. This is The Royal Mint after all...

Modern Minting Technique

What's so special about these commemorative Royal Mint coins is the way in which they've been produced. Portraits of the 4 seaside towns are brought to life by trichromatic colour printing. In a display of innovative craftsmanship by the mint, each coin's colour design is created using 3 or 4 different plates, each using a different colour ink that overprints the others.

The result is a stunning watercolour design of beautiful coastal town.

Silver Crowns

Portraits of Britain 2018 silver coins

The set contains 4 silver £5 crowns minted to a pristine Proof quality finish. The coins are struck in .925 sterling silver and each has a diameter of 38.61mm and a weight of 28.28g.

To keep your coins in perfect condition, they are housed in an elegant black Royal Mint display box.

Don't delay - this is a limited edition

After the success of the past Portrait of Britain coin sets, we expect this 2018 set to be popular among British coin collectors. They really will be Treasure for Life. But hurry! This is a limited edition presentation of just 1,500 worldwide.

Portrait of Britain 2018 silver coins