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Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept it

Remember the childhood films of the adventurers outwitting the pirates and discovering a chest of gold just where the X said it would be? Or the lovable rogues who made off into the sunset with a hoard of gold coins after a gripping heist?

Did they ever make you want to be the one to claim the gold?

We can’t promise you a high speed chase up the M3 or a sword fight with a one-eyed pirate at the end of Brighton pier. What we can promise you is a dazzling collection of gold coins with a Certificate of Ownership that will deter your common-or-garden cat burglar.

Burn rubberCredit: Giphy

Imagine this…

Where am I?

A dark meeting room in the depths of European mountains. A team of shadowed figures sit around a table. A spotlight focuses on a pile of gold coins in the centre of the table. Cigar smoke wafts across the scene despite everyone being non-smokers. Hushed voices create a murmuring of background noise.

What is this?

This is a crack team of coin collecting experts planning how to protect the world’s most coveted gold coins. How can they keep them out of the hands of dastardly smash and grab villains or rich head honchos who like shiny things?

The answer?

Top secret meeting
Credit: Giphy

There's the creak of an old leather chair as one man leans forward and says in a gruff voice with an indeterminate accent “put them in the hands of avid coin collectors who will appreciate them for what they are: miniature works of art that needs to be adored”.

But how?

A plan so ingenious, so stealthy it will fly under the radar of the world’s crooks: The Magnificent 10.

The Magnificent 10?

Yes. The 10 most sought after gold coins in the world disguised as an unassuming offer for coin collectors offering a massive £75 discount on the first gold coin.

And BNT Coins has been called in to put the plan into action.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

I accept! What is it?

Listen very carefullyI shall say this only once.

Help save these magnificent gold coins from the hands of philistines…and build a treasure trove of the world’s most collectible gold coins.

Each month, BNT Coins will send a highly collectible gold coin to a top secret list of coin collectors. Men and women from across Britain who understand the true value of coins, and the expertise and craftsmanship that goes into creating an iconic representation of a country’s culture.

The gold coin will be a genuine 2018 issue from one of the world’s leading mints, including an Australian 99.9% gold Year of the Dog, an American 91.7% gold Eagle, a Mexican 99.9% gold Libertad, even a South African 91.7% gold Krugerrand. As a thank you for taking charge of the gold coins, you will be given a gold Britannia absolutely FREE.

But where will I hide my gold booty?

We’ve got that covered. With the second coin, you will receive a FREE luxury storage box specially designed to stash your coins and keep them in pristine condition. The box is finished with a black material that will set the impressive gold coins off beautifully.

Gold treasureCredit: Giphy

Secure your place in history now to become one of the few British coin collectors to be trusted with the world’s most collectible gold coins. This a strictly limited offer for 5,000 collectors worldwide so keep calm and start collecting.

Save the gold!

You never know, your coin could be delivered by a double O spy disguised as your friendly Royal Mail employee.

Gold treasureCredit: Giphy