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50 State Quarters Create a Unique Tour of America

The Fascinating Story Behind a Wildly Popular Coin Collection

The USA State Quarters Programme was the most popular commemorative coin collection in US history. Each quarter tells the story of the state it commemorates. It's thought 147 million Americans collected the coins.

American's most adventurous coin series has been immortalized in a limited edition gold-plated coin collection. Each state coin is layered 7 times in 24-karat gold to create an eye-catching, fascinating collection.

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The Platinum Wedding Anniversary collection

Read on to learn more about the coins that inspired the gold-plated coin collection.

To Educate a Whole Generation

It all started when the United States Mint ended 1999 with the release of a series of commemorative coins. The coins went into circulation and were an instant hit with coin collection and the public. US Mint surveys found nearly half of all Americans collected the state quarters - reminiscent of the remarkable success of The Royal Mint's Beatrix Potter 50p coins.

“They have educated a whole generation on geography and history,” Edmund C. Moy, Director of United States Mint

State Quarters Programme

The 1997 50 Sates Commemorative Coin Program Act called for the release of a coin collection to "honor the unique Federal Republic of 50 States that comprise the United States; and to promote the diffusion of knowledge among the youth of the United States about the individual states, their history and geography, and the rich diversity of the national heritage...", and to encourage "young people and their families to collect memorable tokens of all of the States for the face value of the coins."

The US Mint released a state quarter every 10 weeks in the same order the states ratified the American Constituion. Each quarter commemorated one state, depicting the history, tradtions and symbols of the area. The states themselves had a big say in the design that would represent their state, and many of them sought designs from their citizens.

By the end of 2008, all 50 original designs of the quarters had been minted and released: 34,797,600,000 coins in total.

State Quarters Designs

As any coin collector knows, a good collection looks; a superb collection tells a story. The state quarters coin collection takes you on a fascintating look at the character of each state and an insight into what its citizens holds dear.

Below, the coins are listed in the order they were released.

1999 US State Coins

US State Quarters - Delaware

Delaware State Quarer

The design depicts Casear Rodney, who President of Delaware during most of the American Revolution and whose signature was on the American Declaration of Independence, on a horse with a caption reading The First State and Caesar Rodney.

Release date 1 Janary 1999; Mintage 774,824,000

US State Quarters - Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania State Quarter


Behind the Commonwealth statue is the outline of the state. The caption reads Virtue, Liberty, Independence.


Release date 8 March 1999; Mintage 707,332,000

US State Quarters - New Jersey

New Jersey State Quarter


The quarter is inspired by the painting Washington Crossing the Delaware, and shows George Washington (standing) and James Monroe (holding the flag) crossing the Delware River with an army on Christmas night 1776. The caption reads Crossroads of the Revolution.


Release date 17 May 1999; Mintage 662,228,000

US State Quarters - Georgia

Georgia State Quarter


Sprigs of the state tree, a live oak, on either side of a peach are finely detailed in the design, with an outlines of the state behind. The banner text reads Wisdom, Justice, Moderations, which is the motto of Georgia.


Release date 19 May 1999; Mintage 939,932,000

US State Quarters - Connecticut

Connecticut State Quarter


The magestic Charter Oak, in which Connecticut's Royal Charter of 1662 was hidden, is representated in this state quarter, with the inscription The Charter Oak written below its lowest branches.


Release date 12 October 1999; Mintage 1,346,624,000

2000 US State Coins

US State Quarters - Massachusetts

Massachusetts State Quarter


The Minuteman statue, a member of the independent army that was the first to fight in the American Revolution, stands in front of the state outline with a caption that reads The Bay State.


Release date 3 January 2000; Mintage 1,163,784,000

US State Quarters - Maryland

Maryland State Quarter


The quarter features the dome of the state house and sprige of the white oak, the state tree. To the top of the coin reads The Old Line State.


Release date 13 March 2000; Mintage 1,308,784,000

US State Quarters - South Carolina

South Carolina State Quarter


The state's bird, Carolina wren, and flower, yellow jasmine, stand by the state tree, cabbage palmetto, in front of the state's outline. The caption reads The Palmetto State.


Release date 22 May 2000; Mintage 1,234,732,000

US State Quarters - New Hampshire

New Hampshire State Quarter


9 stars boarder the left of the coin and to the right of them reads Live Free or Die. To the right of the coin is the Old Man of the Mountain, which is also the inscription written over the copy of the rock formation.


Release date 7 August 2000; Mintage 1,169,016,000

US State Quarters - Virginia

Virginia State Quarter


This state quarter features the ships Susan Constant, Godspeed and Discovery - the 1607-07 voyages of which resulted in the founding of Jamestown.


Release date 16 October 2000; Mintage 1,594,616,000

2001 US State Coins

US State Quarters - New York

New York State Quarter


Of course, it's the Statue of Liberty that represents the state on its quarter. Around the edge are 11 stars and in the background the outline of the state. The coin's caption reads Gateway to Freedom.


Release date 2 January 2001; Mintage 1,275,040,000

US State Quarters - North Carolina

North Carolina State Quarter


An iconic image of the Wright brother's is shown on this coin with the caption First Flight.


Release date 12 March 2001; Mintage 1,055,476,000

US State Quarters - Rhode Island

Rhode Island State Quarter


The America's Cup yacht Reliance sails on Narragansett Bay with the inscription The Ocean State.


Release date 21 May 2001; Mintage 870,100,000

US State Quarters - Vermont

Vermont State Quarter


The coin's design shows Maple tress and sap buckets. In the background is Camel's Hump mountain. The caption reads Freedom and Unity.


Release date 6 August 2001; Mintage 882,804,000

US State Quarters - Kentucky

Kentucky State Quarter


A thoroughbred racehorce is depicted standing behind a fence. In the background is Bardstown mansion. The inscription reads My Old Kentucky Home.


Release date 15 October 2001; Mintage 723,564,000

2002 US State Coins

US State Quarters - Tennessee

Tennessee State Quarter


A fiddle, trumpet, guitar, musical score and 3 stars feature on this state coin with a banner that reads Musical Heritage.


Release date 2 January 2002; Mintage 648,068,000

US State Quarters - Ohio

Ohio State Quarter


In the background is an outline of the state border; in the foreground is the Wright Flyer airplane and an astronaut, who may be the Ohio native Neil Armstrong; the inscription reads Birthplace of Aviation Pioneers.


Release date 11 March 2002; Mintage 632,032,000

US State Quarters - Louisiana

Louisiana State Quarter


In front of outline of the state border is a brown pelican, the state bird, a trumpet with musical notes and an outline of the Louisiana Purchase; the caption reads Lousiana Purchase.


Release date 20 May 2002; Mintage 764,204,000

US State Quarters - Indiana

Indiana State Quarter


The Indiana state coin depitcs an IndyCar, the state outline and 19 stars. The caption reads Crossroads of America.


Release date 2 August 2002; Mintage 689,800,000

US State Quarters - Mississippi

Mississippi State Quarter


Two magnolia blossoms, which is the Mississippi state flower, fill the coin's face along with the caption The Magnolia State.


Release date 15 October 2002; Mintage 579,600,000

2003 US State Coins

US State Quarters - Illinois

Illinois State Quarter


A young Abraham Lincoln stands centre in the coin with a farm scene, the Chicago skyline and the state outline, all circled by 21 stars - 11 on left edge and 10 on right. The captions read Land of Lincoln and 21st state/century.


Release date 2 January 2003; Mintage 463,200,000

US State Quarters - Alabama

Alabama State Quarter


The focal point is the iconic Helen Keller who is seated, with longleaf pine (state tree) branch and magnolia blossoms on either side of her. The inscription reads Spirit of Courage and Helen Keller in standard print and Braille.


Release date 17 March 2003; Mintage 457,400,000

US State Quarters - Maine

Maine State Quarter


The Pemaquid Point Lighthouse is the focal point of this coin's design. In the distance is the schooner Victory Charms at sea.


Release date 2 June 2003; Mintage 448,800,000

US State Quarters - Missouri

Missouri State Quarter


In the centre of the coin's image is the Gateway Arch with Lewis, Clark and York returning on the Missouri River. The caption reads Corps of Discovery and the years 1804 and 2004.


Release date 4 August 2003; Mintage 453,200,000

US State Quarters - Arkansas

Arkansas State Quarter


A diamond, the state gem sits in the centre top of the coin. Beneath it are rice stalks, a flying mallard and a peaceful lake.


Release date 20 October 2003; Mintage 457,800,000

2004 US State Coins

US State Quarters - Michigan

Michigan State Quarter


The state outline shows with an outline of the Great Lakes System. The caption reads Great Lakes State.


Release date 26 January 2004; Mintage 459,600,000

US State Quarters - Florida

Florida State Quarter

The state coin features a Spanish galleon, Sabal palmetto (the state tree) and a space shuttle. The caption reads Gateway to Discovery.

Release date 29 March 2004; Mintage 481,800,000

US State Quarters - Texas

Texas State Quarter


Behind a star is an outline of the state, a lasso creates a border around the edge of the coin. The caption reads The Lone Star State.


Release date 1 June 2004; Mintage 541,800,000

US State Quarters - Iowa

Iowa State Quarter

The coin shows a schoolhouse, teacher and students planting a tree, with the captions Foundation in Education and Grant Wood.

Release date 30 August 2004; Mintage 465,200,000

US State Quarters - Wisconsin

Wisconsin State Quarter


A head of a cow is to the left of a round of cheese and ear of corn (state grain). Below is a banner with text Forward.


Release date 25 October 2004; Mintage 453,200,000

2005 State Coins

US State Quarters - California

California State Quarter


John Muir, the US naturalist, a California condor and the granite Half Dome of Yosemite National Park are depitced on this state coin. The captions read John Muir and Yosemite Valley.


Release date 31 January 2005; Mintage 520,400,000

US State Quarters - Minnesota

Minnesota State Quarter


Along with the state map is the state bird, the Common loon, men in a boat fishing with pine trees on a river bank behind them. The caption says Land of 10,000 Lakes.


Release date 4 April 2005; Mintage 488,000,000

US State Quarters - Oregon

Oregon State Quarter

A beautiful scene of the Crater Lake National Park takes up the whole of the reverse face of this state coin. The inscription reads Crater Lake.

Release date 6 June 2005; Mintage 720,200,000

US State Quarters - Kansas

Kansas State Quarter


The impressive form of an American bison (the Kansas state mammal) fills the scene with sunflowers, which is the state flower.


Release date 29 August 2005; Mintage 563,400,000

US State Quarters - West Virginia

West Virginia State Quarter


The New River Gorge Bridge spans the coin face as well as a depiction of the stunning gorge. Below the scene reads New River Gorge.


Release date 29 August 2005; Mintage 563,400,000


To Be Continued...