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Should I Start Collecting Titanium Coins?

Of course you should! And below we give you some very good reasons why you should consider adding titanium coins to add the WOW factor to your coin collection.

Let's state the obvious first:

An amazing choice of colours

Titanium can be anodized to make it all sorts of colours. And the results are spectacular! Invigorate your collection and amaze family and friends with red, purple, blue, green, yellow, turquoise, golden brown coins.

Specialist mints are able to create coins in almost every colour of the rainbow by tweaking the anodizing process. They have a deep, iridescent appearance, and so when you tilt the coin in your hand its appearance changes. The colours are permanent and won't degrade over time, and so can be enjoyed by generations.

Add the WOW factor to your collection

Crafted by the leading experts

Striking coins on titanium is a craft and one that you should appreciate to really understand the value behind these stunning coins. The dies used to make titanium coins have to be considerably harder than normal dies which would disintegrate when striking the titanium planchets. Mints that release titanium coins have perfected their craft. 

Each coin is unique

Due to the difficulty of striking titanium, like snowflakes no 2 titanium coins are exactly the same. Each collector's coin also features a lined effect as a result of the unmistakeable qualities of titanium.

Now available as legal tender

If your collection is only for legal tender coins, you're in luck. You can now add these dazzling collectibles to your collection.

As legal tender, the first titanium coin was a £5 issued by Gibraltar in 2000 to celebrate the new millennium. Other countries have released their own currency struck in titanium, including the Ascension Island, British Antarctic Territory, the Falkland Islands and the British Virgin Islands. As many titanium coin issuing governments are part of the British Overseas Territories, the denomination of titanium coins is often Pound and the Queen's effigy can found on the reverse. Plus, your collection will span the world.

The growing popularity

In coin collecting and numismatics, titanium hasn't been as widespread as gold and silver and has always been a niche choice. That's changing. The huge popularity and collectability of Pobjoy Mint coins is testament to that.

Add the WOW factor to your collection

Pocket friendly prices

Titanium doesn't have the precious metal status of gold and silver, nor does it have the very low price and easy availability of base metal coins. What it does have is limited availability at affordable prices.

Where can you buy titanium coins?

We're proud to sell a selection of British Pobjoy Mint's titanium coins. They're a wonderful spectrum of colours, each masterpiece a unique, legal tender coin made by the experts in their field.

Do you collect for the sheer joy of owning miniature works of art? Do you enjoy the thrill of owning unique coins crafted by one of the few experts who can produce such wonders? Or have you already discovered titanium coins and want to grown your collection? Our new collection  is for perfect you if you answered yes to any of those questions. And today, we offer you a special introductory discount. Discover the Ultimate Colour Explosion.