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Welcome to the Fascinating World of Coin Collecting!

We Admit It...

We're biased. We're absolutely fascinated with coins, old and new. How can you not be? Hold a collectible coin in your hand and you'll marvel at the minature work of art - the craftsmanship, the delicate features, the crisp finish. They can be capitivating.

If you're new to numismatics and coin collecting, welcome. If you're more experienced, welcome. Either way, please join in the discussion us on Facebook or Twitter. We'd love to hear from you.

Let's get started...

What is Numismatics?

It's a lot more interesting than many give it credit for, that's what it is!

Numismatics is the collection or study of currency, including coins and paper money.

The word originates from the Greek word nomisma, meaning current coin. Numismatic originally meant knowledge of coins, or the scientific study of historic money in any form. Naturally, one immediately thinks of coins but numismatists are also interested in paper money, medals and jettons.

What's the Difference Between Numismatics & Coin Collecting?

Numismatists study coins and money from an historical, social or artistic point of view. Coin collectors enjoy creating complete sets of coins based on their interests - such as coins featuring Princess Diana or the famous US quarters.

You can be one or the other, or both. You can collect coins without studying the field or you can study the field without collecting.

The Thrill of the Chase

Many British coin collectors are in it for The Royal Mint's coins. They eagerly wait for the moment new Royal Mint coins are available. They try to be the first to order the new coin, and wait for the moment it's delivered to be added to the rest of their Royal Mint treasure.

Did you know? The Royal Mint website buckled under the traffic when it launched it's incredibly popular Peter Rabbit 50p coin in 2017.

Coins of interest to collectors often include those that circulated for only a brief time, coins with mint errors and especially beautiful or historically significant pieces. Coin collectors' treasure troves also include coins issued by mints from around the world.

Often, the excitment is compounded by mints issuing coins in limited numbers or metals. The Royal Mint issued only 4,000 Platinum Wedding silver Proof coins. New Zealand Mint's Star Wars: The Empire Strike Back silver coin had a worldwide mintage of 10,000. And just 50,000 of the iconic Krugerrand 1/50oz gold coin were issued to mark the 50th anniversary of one of the world's most famous coins.

When you think about it, these numbers are small compared to the number of coin collectors out there. This is why you need to secure yours as fast as possible.

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Miniature Works of Art

The difference between seeing an artistic version of a coin or photo on a website and holding it in your hand is astounding. Even a good image won't do the coins we sell justice.

In your possession, you have hours of painstaking work, years of expertise and the results of the world's best craftsman.

Mints like The Royal Mint and South African Mint produce classics that coin collectors cherish for years. Others, such as the Royal Canadian Mint and New Zealand Mint push the boundaries of innovation and design to create exciting issues you'll be proud to own.

Whatever your taste, we have a huge choice of exquisite coins for you, which we guarantee you will cherish with pride.

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