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  • First edition: "Pyramids of Giza"
  • Reverse of "Pyramids of Giza"
  • "Temple of Artemis"
  • "Mausoleum at Harlicarnassus"
  • "Lighthouse of Alexandria"
  • "Statue of Zeus at Olympia"
  • "Hanging Gardens of Babylon"
  • "Colossus of Rhodes"
  • Reverse of Seven Wonders of the World - Coin Notes

The 7 Wonders of the Ancient World for the first time on official Coin Notes made out of purest gold - First delivery: "The Pyramids of Giza"

Article Number: 22555/001

  • The purest 99.9% gold at an affordable low prices - VAT free!

  • World novelty! These official coin notes are accepted means of payment in the issuing country!

  • Limited to only 10,000 collections worldwide!

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instead of £89.90
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instead of £89.90
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Start exploring the 7 Wonders of the World now with the official coin note "The Pyramids of Giza" - and save £40 instandly!

For the first time the wonders of the ancient world are honoured on official coin notes made out of the purest gold (999/1000) in the format of a banknote. Such a mean of payment did not exist anywhere else in the world - until now! The precious official coin note in the highest minting quality proof were manufactured in an innovative minting process and impress every collector. Due to their remarkable size of 90 x 43 mm, the masterly engraving is very spectacular.

Secure the official first delivery "The Pyramids of Giza" now! The strictly limited gold edition is currently available at the low BNT first issue price of only £49.90 (instead of the regular £89.90). You save £40 immediately!

With the purchase of the first edition you receive the non-binding right to get the six other masterpieces of the minting art. Look forward to the "Colossos of Rhodes", "Statue of Zeus", "Lighthouse of Pharos", "Temple of Artemis", " Hanging Gardens" and "Mausoleum at Halicarnassus" - all made out of pure gold.

Collect coins without risk

  • Friendly monthly payments

  • You will receive a new coin note every 28 days at our special price of £89.90

Rest assured, you can return any release within 14 days of receipt for a full refund of the purchase price or cancel this collection at any time. In addition, you can pause or end your collection at any time. Simply call, email or write to us.


High-quality free gifts

You will receive the exclusive equipment for your collection free of charge. This includes the stylish folder for the secure storage and a certificate of authenticity.

Mintage: 10,000 each
Year of Issue: 2017/2018
Country of Issue: Solomon Islands
Metal: Gold 999/1000
Quality: Prooflike
Currency: 10 Dollars
Diameter: 90 x 43 mm
Weight: 0.5 g
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