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Newborn Baby & Christening Gift Ideas

Unique Gift Ideas to Cherish for a Lifetime

Find that perfect gift that can be cherished for a lifetime. Welcome a new baby boy or girl into the world with their First Coins Jounal or a silver coin with adorable baby foot prints. If Baby's mum or dad is a coin collector, there's no doubt they'll love a fine silver coin featuring a newborn baby being delivered. 

Buy coins that feature the Chinese lunar calendar sign. 2017 is the Year of the Rooster, and we offer a range of coins from world mints with imaginative depictions of the lucky bird. Or perhaps you're looking forward to a newborn in 2018. In that case, you'll need the coins featuring man's best friend for the Year of the Dog.

The Royal Canadian Mint issues a limited mintage of stunning silver coin every month that features an astrological star sign. The fine silver zodiac coins have a delicate design that showcases the masters of the minting world. Each coin is embellished with two Swarovski crystals, one of which represents that zodiac sign's birthstone.