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Collector's Kit: Coin Album, Magnifying Glass and Clamp

Article Number: 1361870108

  • An indispensable set for any collector
  • Keep your coins safe and secure in a 48-piece coin album
  • Enjoy the gorgeous details of your coins in incredible clarity with a magnifying glass 
  • Handle your coins safely whilst preserving their quality with a coin clamp
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incl. 20% VAT

Whether you're just getting started or simply renewing your equipment, this kit is essential for any coin collector

If you're serious about collecting, it's time to get some serious apparatus! 

Included in this essential set are the tools no coin collector should be without:

A coin album with 48-piece capacity - The perfect way to display your growing collection, whilst keeping each coin safe and secure.

A magnifying glass - Enjoy the gorgeous and intricate details of your coins with incredible clarity. 

A clamp - Handle your coins safely whilst preserving their quality and avoiding direct skin contact.

Order now, and happy collecting! 

Keep your coins clean with the Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine and Silver Cleaning Solution 


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