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  • Disney Classics - Hercules Commemorative - Gold

Disney Classics - Hercules Commemorative - Gold

Article Number: 1400600102

  • Disney heroes commemorative with elaborate gilding and colour printing!

  • Official commemorative!

  • Magically beautiful motive!

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incl. 20% VAT

The Walt Disney Company has been enchanting audiences around the world since 1937, when the first animated film in feature-film length was published.

Expand your Disney Classics Collection with the "Hercules Commemorative". Hercules, son of the Greek gods Zeus and Hera, is kidnapped as a baby and stripped off all his power, except of his strength. Raised by mortals, the adult Hercules has to prove himself worthly as earth´s mightiest hero in order to live as a god on Mount Olympus.

The reverse of the commemorative features colourful scenes from the film with the beautifully engraved characters. The obverse features Disney film reels around their iconic logo.

Feature: Hercules
Diameter: 44.00 mm
Weight: 34.00 g

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