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Collectible 50p Coins

Shop for highly coveted 50 pence coins issued by The Royal Mint. These Royal Mint 50p coins celebrate iconic people, historic events and much loved characters from popular culture.

Beatrix Potter & Peter Rabbit 50p Coins

The 2016 50p coin celebrated the 150th anniversary of Beatrix Potter was born, which set in motion the wildly popular series. In 2017, The Royal Mint released the Beatrix Potter & Her Little Tales 50 pence coin collection, starting with Peter Rabbit. Royal Mint fans rejoiced! Peter was joined by Mr. Jeremy Fisher, Tom Kitten and Benjamin Bunny.

Battle of Hastings 50p Coin

Another hugely popular 50p coin was the Battle of Hastings 950th anniversary commemorative coin. The coin features a reverse design by renowned sculptor John Bergdahl, and depicts what is said to be the famous fate of King Harold.

Sir Isaac Newton 50p Coin

Sir Isaac Newton was celebrated in the mint's 2017 50p coin. The intricate design didn't feature a portrait of Newton but a depiction of one of his famous theories. Did you know he also played an important role in transforming Britain's currency when he became Master of the Mint in 1700?

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