Sapphire Coronation


The first ever 65th anniversary of the
coronation of a British monarch.

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65th Anniversary of the Coronation of HM Queen Elizabeth II


It's Another First for British Royalty

On 2 June 2018, the Queen celebrates the 65th anniversary of her Coronation at Westminster Abbey. It's the first time a British monarch has celebrated this milestone - and a once in a lifetime event for coin collectors and fans of the Royal Family.


As part of the Jubilee celebrations, we offer you a range of exceptional coins, each designed and crafted by the leading experts in minting. There is something to suit every collection.


Exclusive Coins, Impressive Savings

We're pleased to offer British coin collectors our very own commemorative coin.


The 24 carat gold plated coin features a colourised version of the icon image of the Queen on her coronation day, with the date of the coronation and a banner that bears the royal motto. The coin's reverse features an exclusive design, which includes the Tudor rose, Scottish thistle, Irish Shamrock and Welsh leek. In the centre is the Queen's effigy designed by Ian Rank-Broadley, the acclaimed sculptor who has created designs for The Royal Mint.


It really is a gorgeous keepsake and exceptional value for money. We're offering it with a 50 per cent saving.


The Lion & the Unicorn

Pobjoy Mint has issued limited edition gold, silver and base metal coins with a stunning design featuring the Lion of England and Unicorn of Scotland.


It's a thoughtful tribute: Inspiration was taken from a hand-painted personal invitation to his mother’s Coronation that was given to Prince Charles . It featured these magnificent beasts. Pobjoy Mint has incorporated them to create a unique way to celebrate the Sapphire Jubilee of this momentous day.


The Epitome of Coin Collecting Luxury

For £2,150, you can mark the Sapphire Coronation with a stunning $100 gold coin. But this is like no other: the 99.99% pure gold Proof coin features a genuine sapphire stone.


This breath-taking coin is a rare limited edition. Only 150 of these coins have been issued - an exceptionally small quantity. Imagine owning such a rare, magnificent gold coin.


The majestic design is dominated by the Imperial State Crown, used in the Coronation Ceremony in June 1953. Around the entrancing motif also features an array of royal emblems. It's an entirely appropriate and inspired finishing touch, the addition of a genuine blue sapphire is sure to capture the imagination of collectors around the globe.


Many of the people buying Sapphire Coronation coins will want them as a memento of this event. Those coins will be put away never to see the light of day again (until the grandchildren appear on the Antique Roadshow with them) – which in turn will make acquiring these coins on the secondary market very difficult indeed. Don’t take that risk and order today.