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The World's Most Collectible Gold Coins


Gold coins you should have in your collection

Experienced coin collectors will know which gold coins they are looking for to grown their collection of gold coins. However, if you're new to collecting gold coins, we've listed the most popular coins for you in one spot. Here are some no gold coin collection should be missing:


British Britannia 

Starting with a home grown coin, The Royal Mint Britannia is very popular with both gold and Royal Mint coin collectors. Lady Britannia has featured on British coins since the first century and will always be a staple in the most collectible gold coins list.


The 1 troy ounce of 24 carat 99.99% pure gold is CGT exempt and VAT free in the UK. The Royal Mint declares Lady Britannia "an enduring Bullion investment".


Interesting point: The weight and strength of the coins are verified at the centuries-old annual Trial of the Pyx.


South African Krugerrand

The Krugerrand has a fascinating story behind it, and is instantly recognisable with the Springbok antelope design and Paul Kruger portrait. Unlike Britannia, the first Krugerrand was struck relatively recently in 1967. The gold Krugerrand is popular amongst coin collectors around the world and is usually one of hte least expensive gold coins.


The coin, available in different weights, is 22 carat gold, with 8.33% copper (for improved durability), which gives it a unique colour. It's generally agreed to be an "excellent investment for beginners and seasoned buyers alike".


Canadian Maple Leaf

The Canadians iconic maple leaf has been immortalized in gold for gold investors and coin collectors to enjoy. Take a look at the Royal Canadian Mint's coins and you'll see its creativity and excellence is apparent in its Maple Leaf gold coin. The Maple Leaf is a heavy weight in the world of gold coin collecting because of its purity: the four 9s, though between 1979, its first strike, and 1982, it was struck on 99.9% gold.


Each Maple Leaf gold coin is stamped with the .9999 guarantee of purity, and is generally considered the world's purest gold bullion.


American Eagle

Encapsulating all that's the American spirit, the American Eagle stands with Liberty striding one on side and the bald eagle on the other. It's issued in limited numbers every year in Proof and uncirculated quality, in $50 legal tender values. As you'd expect, these gold coins are a huge favourite of American gold coin collectors but they are popular outside of the States too, which makes them easy to value, trade and sell.


The 1 troy ounce coin has a finess 91.67%. The 22 carat gold coin also contains 3% silver and 5.33% copper. Again, this is to improve the durability of the coin and to maintain its pristine condition for generations to come.

Interesting point - The American Eagle is struck on metals taken from US mines.


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