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The Famous British Coin

Many, many moons ago, the Sovereign was a circulation coin. The gold coin is one of the oldest coins still being minted today - and a collectors' favourite.


A staple of many a British coin collector's or Royal Mint fan's collection, the Sovereign was first struck in 1489 and named in honour of King Henry VII. Today, it's The Royal Mint's flagship coin and the epitome of the mint's classic style.


It's noted for being one of the most tightly specified coin available. The weight and quality of the 22 carat gold coin is verified by the Trial of Pyx, which is an exacting independent trial and guaranteed to 5 decimal places by the Coinage Act of 1971.The exceptional purity of the Sovereign's gold means it is CGT exempt and VAT free for coin collectors in the UK.


The mint is proud to declare that the "Sovereign offers a sense of luxury, history and symbolism that no other coin can match. It has become an internationally recognised symbol of unrivaled accuracy, integrity and strength."


The Sovereign is a coin that every gold collection should have. The pleasure of owning it will last a lifetime.