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  • Great White Shark Underwater World 2018 3 oz Silver Coin

Great White Shark Underwater World 2018 3 oz Silver Coin

Article Number: P401134

  • Silver 999.9/1000
  • Extra high relief, featuring blue translucent enamel 
  • Antiqued finish
  • Just 999 available worldwide! 
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incl. 20% VAT

A high relief silver coin featuring the ocean's greatest predator

The coin's design

This ferocious silver coin features the ocean's biggest predators - the Great White Shark. Step back - the fantastic extra high relief design allows the shark to leap forward, revealing its rows of razor sharp teeth!

Translucent blue enamel surrounds the shark, representing its watery ocean home and creating a dramatic splash of colour. 

The reverse features the coat of arms of Barbados. Encircling this is a series of beautifully engraved aquatic life. Fish, eels, crabs, and turtles swim around, reflecting the Underwater Life series. 


The coin is securely housed in an attractive wooden display case, preserving its quality (and protecting your fingertips from those sharp, snapping teeth...)

Mintage: 999
Collection: Underwater World
Country of Issue: Barbados
Metal: Silver 999.9/1000
Quality: Antique finish
Currency: Dollars
Diameter: 50mm
Weight: 93.31g

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