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  • In The Eyes of the Lynx 2017 $15 Fine Silver Coin
  • The obverse features a beautifull detailed engraved image of a lynx
  • Innovative technology allows the lynx's eyes to glow in the dark!
  • The reverse features the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II

In The Eyes of the Lynx 2017 $15 Silver Coin

Article Number: 1363130105

  • Beautifully engraved with textured detail!
  • Innovative minting technique gives depth of colour
  • Glow-in-the-dark technology
  • Low mintage 99.99% silver Proof coin

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Add something special to your coin collection today!

The ever creative Royal Canadian Mint has captured one of its country's elusive wild cats, the lynx. 

The close-up portrait of the animal is wonderfully detailed with a textured appearance of the lynx's thick fur coat. The mint, using an innovative mint technique, has mimicked the rich, glossy look of colour enamel to give the creature's eyes a stunningly life-like appearance. 

Plus, as a clever nod to the nocturnal nature of the lynx, the coin glows-in-the-dark. Simply place your coin under a light source for 30-60 seconds, turn off the light and see the eyes glow as the wild cat's would in headlights.

The reverse features the effigy of Queen Elizabeth, along with the her name, the coin's denomination, issuing country and year of issue, and the Latin abbreviation for Dei Gratia Regina, Queen by the Grace of God.

It is the second in a 3-coin series that features the remarkable eyes of some of Canada's wildlife, all beautifully engraved in outstanding detail.

The mythical keeper of secrets and seer of truths, the Canada lynx (Lynx canadensis) is most active when night descends upon the boreal forest. Its acute vision is well suited to hunting in low-light conditions — a fact highlighted on the second coin in the Animal Eyes series, which combines an enamel effect and glow-in-the-dark technology to mimic the wondrous luminescence of these wild eyes.


Mintage: 6,500
Year of Issue: 2017
Collection: Animal Eyes
Country of Issue: Canada
Metal: Silver 999.9/1000
Quality: Proof
Mint: Royal Canadian Mint
Currency: Dollar
Diameter: 36mm
Weight: 23.17g

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