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  • Collect 13 beautiful lunar fan-shaped commemorative medals
  • Larger commemorative features the Laughing Buddha
  • The sincere and confident dog
  • The talented and amiable dragon
  • The courageous and emotional tiger
  • The multi-talented and optimistic horse
  • The intelligent and inquisitive monkey
  • The charming and sociable rat
  • The peaceful and dependable ox
  • The good-natured and sociable pig
  • The sensible and diplomatic rabbit
  • The flamboyant and upstanding rooster
  • The cheerful and laid-back sheep
  • The contemplative and peace-loving snake
  • Each medal's reverse depicts the Great Wall of China

Lunar Fan-Shaped Commemorative Medals 2018

Article Number: 22047/001

  • 13 exquisitely detailed fan-shaped medals
  • Celebrates the animals of the Chinese Zodiac
  • Gilded with 24 carat gold
  • FREE display case
  • SAVE 50% on your first issue
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instead of £19.90
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