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Pobjoy Mint Coins

We're pleased to offer you a range of Pobjoy Mint coins. Here, you'll find an ever growing range of Pobjoy Mint coins ready to be added to your coin collection. If we don't list the coin you want, please get in touch - we'll be happy to help you find it.


The private mint is known around the world for producing highly creative coins and has won many awards for its work. Each year, the mint produces an exciting new range of coins designed by skilled in-house artists.


Add a wonderful array of innovation, colourful coins or "Pobjoy animals" to your collection, including:

  •  Primates 4 coin 2018 50p coins in cupro nickel with special magnetic album
  •  Angry Birds™ cupro nickel coin, which is the world's first interactive app game coin
  •  Queen Elizabeth II Sapphire Coronation silver £2 coin - also available as a beautiful blue titanium coin
  •  Leopard Seal ice grey titanium $2 coin
  •  Clownfish orange titanium $5 coin that looks just like Nemo


It prides itself as the "number one site for award-winning commemorative coins", and for being renowned for both the quality of its work and its famous Pobjoy Proof finish.


Hold a Pobjoy Mint coin in your hand and it's clear why they are so proud of their products. The coins are of exceptional quality and the result of superb craftsmanship. Their collectible coins cover a huge range, from Harry Potter and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the Queen's Platinum Wedding anniversary and Remembrance Day commemoratives. Though perhaps the most sought after Pobjoy Mint coins are the Falklands penguins series struck on 50p coins.


Add a Pobjoy Mint coin to your collection today. We're sure you won't regret it.