The Perth Mint

Once in a Lifetime Coin

New, limited edition pure silver coin to mark the
65th anniversary of the Queen's coronation

65th anniversary silver coin

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Coins by The Perth Mint

Collectible Gold & Silver Coins of Reassuring Quality

The Perth Mint is the innovative and creative mint in Australia, that issues an impressive range of coins made from premium gold, silver and platinum. The mint's coins are loved by collectors ad investors alike.

Coins of Character

The Perth Mint is famed for its coins that are sure to help you build a magnificent collection you'll be proud of. Fill your collection with famous cartoon characters, deadly and dangerous or the cute and cuddly animals.

The hugely popular Star Trek and Ghostbusters coins are snapped up fast, and fans are guaranteed official licenced memorabilia with Certificates of Authenticity.

The mint has a collection of coins that are perfect for a fine silver gift to be adored for a wedding, birthday or Diwali.

Famous Coins

For serious coin collectors, The Perth Mint is famous for its karangeroo, koala and kookaburra series of gold and silver coins. Issued each year, they are eagerly anticipated by collectors around the world. 

The Perth Mint Mark

Many collectors know the Perth Mint coins by the famous "P" mint mark.

The mint has been doing this since the 19th century when it needed to differentiate it coines from the Sydney (S) and Melbourne (M) coins. This custom was revived in 1986, and from 2008 onwards, the mint mark us used on all proprietary Perth Mint coins. For more information about the mint mark, visit to the Perth Mint website.