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  • Poseidon - 274-216 BC Authentic Bronze Roman Coin
  • A genuine Roman coin featuring sea god Poseidon
  • A genuine Roman coin featuring sea god Poseidon

Poseidon - 274-216 BC Authentic Bronze Roman Coin

Article Number: P401274

  • Genuine ancient Roman coin
  • Bronze
  • Over 2,000 years old
  • A must-have for History enthusiasts
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History in your pocket

Genuine ancient Roman bronze Poseidon coin

The coin's design

This genuine bronze Roman coin dates back to 274-216 BC. Originating from Syracuse, it features Poseidon (known as Nepture to the Romans) - god of the Sea. 

Every coin is unique

Please note, since each currency is unique and minted by hand, the delivered coins may differ slightly from the images shown. This is thanks to the unique and rare character of these real ancient coins.

For each piece, we guarantee you an exceptional edition, of which you will be the only collector.


In ancient times, Syracuse in Sicily was for centuries the most powerful city in the known world. It was a very important centre of science and culture, and the seat of King Hieron II's court.

It was during Hieron II's reign that this rare Poseidon currency was struck.

Secure your own piece of history with this rare collectible coin today!

Year of Issue: 274-216 BC
Country of Issue: Syracuse
Metal: Bronze
Diameter: 19mm (may vary from coin to coin)
Weight: 6g (may vary from coin to coin)

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