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  • The Million Dollar pure gold coin collection
  • Pure gold coin featuring the Double Eagle
  • The common reverse features The Queen's portrait
  • Pure gold coin featuring the 1621 100 Ducats
  • Pure gold coin featuring the 1787 American Brasher Doubloon
  • Pure gold coin featuring the 1609 100 Spanish Escudos
  • Pure gold coin featuring the 1898 Single 9 South African Pond
  • Pure gold coin featuring the Greek Gold Stater Satyr

The World´s Most Valuable Gold Coin Collection | Pure Gold Million Dollar Coin

Article Number: 21957/001

  • Save £30 on your first 24 carat gold coin
  • Detailed embossing technique by leading craftsmen
  • Accessible tribute to the world's most valuable coins
  • Worldwide limited mintage of just 10,000
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instead of £79.90
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Prestigious 24 Carat Pure Gold Coins

Step into the world of high rolling collectors and own the most valuable gold coins ever sold at auction.

Alas, we’re not offering the world’s rarest and most expensive coins at this pocket-friendly price (if we could, we would). What you will receive are 24 carat gold coins with an impressive 45mm diameter. Each pure gold coin has an elaborate and highly detailed design that features one of the world’s most important gold coins.

This is an unmissable opportunity for the discerning collector or those wanting to build an impressive limited edition gold coin collection.

The obverse of each coin shows the motif of a famous coin struck in high detail by expert craftsmen. Your commemorative coins will feature an incredibly detailed depiction the obverse and reverse of a world famous coin. Arching over the main feature is the inscription MOST VALUABLE GOLD COINS IN THE WORLD. Below are captions of the name of the famous coin and the value of your new coin.  A patterned background ensures very little blank space on your collectible coin.

The series includes pays tribute to the:

  • Double Eagle, 1933 $20 US coin sold for c. $7.5 million
  • Single 9, the 1898 King of South African Coins sold for c.$1.4 million
  • Brasher Doubloon, a rare 1787 privately minted and first American gold coin, that sold for c. $7.4 million
  • Gold Stater, the ancient Greek featuring the mythological satyre sold for $3.2 million
  • Indian Head, $10 American coin

The reverse depicts the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

Order today to save money on your first coin. Build an opulent collection of pure gold commemorative coins that pay tribute to the world’s most important coins in a coin collector’s world.

The coins have been designed and produced by the most skilled and experienced experts there are.  The expertise and craftsmanship required mean many collectors have specialised in gold coins for the pleasure of owning impressive works of art by the world's leading experts in their field.

The uncommon 1/100 ounce size is a popular one for gold coin collectors - particularly those taking their first steps into the world of gold coin collecting. They provide the collector with a way to build a stunning collection one or two gold coins at a time with little outlay. The above average size nature of the coins simply adds to the sumptuous appeal of your collection.

Your new collection comes with a FREE high quality presentation folder designed especially for this outstanding collection and personalised Certificate of Ownership. You will also receive a Certificate of Authenticity with each 24 carat gold coin. 

Subscribe now to save money with our limited time offer: Pay only £49.90 for your first pure gold coin.

Coin collecting at its best

Discount on your first gold coin

To give you an idea of the exquisite beauty of the world's smallest 24 carat gold coins, we will give you a discount when you start your collection. You will receive your first coin the Double Eagle at a low starting price of only £49.90 - a saving of £30.

Reliable convenience

After your first pure gold coin, you will receive another brilliant coin every 28 days at our special price of £79.90 and £4.50 packaging and postage.

Our team of experts will approve your coin to ensure its meets our high standards before it's sent to you protected by free delivery insurance. Look forward to receiving a new coin every 28 days and steadily build a bewitching collection with no stress. 

No risk, no quibbles

Rest assured, you can return any release within 14 days of receipt for a full refund of the purchase price or cancel this collection at any time. In addition, you can pause or end your collection at any time. Simply call, email or write to us.

Collection Specifications
Mintage: 10,000
Year of Issue: 2017
Collection: Million Dollar Collection
Country of Issue: Solomon Islands
Metal: 99.99% Pure Gold
Quality: Proof-Like
Mint: Private Mint
Currency: Dollars
Diameter: 45mm
Weight: 0.311g
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