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The Britannia 2017 Coin Collection

Britannia is the iconic personification of Britain, an enduring symbol that has appeared on coinage for centuries. She reflects the spirit and values of our nation. The Royal Mint, through its Britannia Collection, showcases modern artists who create their own interpretation of the icon.

Why is 2017 a Significant Year for Britannia Coins?

The Royal Mint has issued Britannia coins in 2017 to mark the:

  •  30th anniversary of mint's introduction of a new bullion coin, the Britannia
  •  20th anniversary of the first silver Britannia bullion coin

For this commemorative year, Louis Tamlyn has created a modern interpretation, reflecting a year of political change when the eyes of the world have often been on Britain. These coins have several important features for avid Royal Mint coin collectors:

  •  Struck in a special year for the Britannia coin
  •  Features a trident mint mark only for 2017
  •  Struck in fine gold or silver to Proof standard
  •  Obverse uses the fifth coinage portrait of HM The Queen by famed coin designer Jody Clark