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Mark the Centenary of the House of Windsor

In 1917, the House of Windsor was established. Originally, the royal house was a branch of the German House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha but the name was changed due to growing anti-German feelings in the British Empire during the First World War.

100 years later, The Royal Mint released a range of UK £5 coins to mark the launch of the first modern monarchy. Following the marriage of Prince William to Kate, the British Royal Family has grown in popularity and importance. The House of Windsor remains a pivotal player in the nation's tourism industry, and as British ambassadors across the world.


The 5 Pound Coins' Features

As Herald Painter at HM College of Arms, Timothy Noad has worked extensively in the fields of calligraphy and heraldry. His previous designs for The Royal Mint have included a Sovereign for The Queen’s Golden Jubilee, and a series of £1 coin designs based on the floral emblems of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. He has chosen a clean, stylised and traditional look appropriate for the history and continuity of the House of Windsor.


  •  The only official UK coin to mark the centendary of the House of Windsor
  •  A coin has been struck for each monarch of the royal house
  •  The design is based on the Badge of House of Windsor, which was approved by George VI
  •  The edge inscription reads Christening of a Dynasty