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The New British £1 Coin for 2017

March 2017 saw an important event for Royal Mint coin collectors - the launch of the new British one pound coin.

The lead up had been exciting for avid collectors: the new 12-sided £1 would be the most innovative ever produced by The Royal Mint. It was a showcase for the latest in minting technology, as well as the pinnacle of skills honed over The Royal Mint's 1,000 year history. The mint declared it to be the most secure coin in the world.

The general public was given a rare opportunity to play a part in bringing this coin into the nation’s pockets through an open design competition. David Pearce was just 15 years old when his fresh interpretation of traditional floral emblems was chosen to symbolise the United Kingdom on the most modern coin.


Goodbye Round Pound

The coin’s new shape and bimetallic appearance in two different colours, alongside its other visible security elements, mean it will tackle the problems of sophisticated counterfeiting head-on. The addition of The Royal Mint’s patented High Security Feature, within the coin itself, has added to its reputation as the most secure coin in the world.

  •  The coin was available in fine gold, sterling silver, platinum and silver Piedfort editions
  •  Towards the end of March, the Brilliant Uncirculated edition was released
  •  Precious metal coins are finished to Proof standard
  •  It's the first platinum £1 coin available to buy as an individual issue