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The Portrait of Britain Collection

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A Portrait of Britain 2017

The Royal Mint £5 Silver Proof Collection

"A story in every stone – iconic architecture, contemporary designs."

In its Portraits of Britain sets, The Royal Mint captures iconic buildings that have played a key role in the country's history. These are homes of kings and queens, prime minsters, lords and ladies. Each has had a role to played in our illustrious history.

This is the third set in the mint's series. The quartet of £5 silver Proof coins features Westminster Abbey, 10 Downing Street, Edinburgh Castle and Hampton Court. Each captured in a beautiful contemporary designs with trichromatic colour printing - looking very much like watercolours. This year’s Portrait of Britain series has been designed by Royal Mint coin designers Glyn Davies and Laura Clancy.

These Royal Mint sets have a very limited edition presentation of 1,500, and so are sought after by avid Royal Mint coin collectors.