Isaac Newton

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Sir Isaac Newton Commemorative Coins

Commemorative Coin Celebrates the Birth of a British Genius

Sir Isaac Newton was the towering intellectual giant of the ‘Scientific Revolution’ of the 17th century. He changed our understanding of mathematics and physics and redefined the way we see the world. His Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, published in 1687, was the single most influential book on physics ever written.

Master of the Mint

But what you may not know is for more than 30 years Newton played a vital role at The Royal Mint. As Master of the Mint he made a considerable contribution to our coinage and economy, helping to make Britain’s currency one of the most respected and admired in the world.

These collectible 50p coins not only celebrate one of Britain's best known scholars, but a man who had a very special relationship with Britain's mint.

Newton’s meticulous 1717 report, better known as ‘the valuation of the guinea’, was pivotal in establishing gold coin as the pre-eminent currency of the United Kingdom. It suggested setting the gold guinea’s value at 21 shillings, which paved the way for the introduction of the Gold Standard a century later. Thanks to Newton’s vision, Royal Mint coins remain unrivalled in their accuracy and purity to this day.