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The 2018 Sovereign


The Sovereign is a Royal Mint and gold coin collector's favourite. Why do you need to add this coin to your collection?


•  Special design for 2018 These Sovereigns mark the 65th anniversary of the Queen's coronation - an historic and one in a lifetime event. This issue combines a landmark modern event with the 5 century old classic design with a special mint mark, the "65 Crown" Privy Mark. It's an intricate crown design created using the number 65. This is a reference to the 65 years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth in 2018, and is available for this year only. 


•  First Sapphire Coronation mint mark This highly exclusive mark is the first Sapphire Coronation Anniversary mint mark to be struck on an official UK coin. 


•  Modern minting techniques meets British history Pistrucci's original tooling, the iconic St George slaying the dragon design, is digitally remastered ensuring an accurate interpretation of the 200 year old design.


The common reverse shows the fifth coinage portrait of the Queen by Royal Mint designer Jody Clark.


•  Pristine Proof quality Each coin is struck Proof quality gold, and guaranteed by The Royal Mint. Did you know? - it's estimated that only 1 per cent of all gold Sovereigns ever minted are still in collectible condition (MoneyWeek) - own one of them.


•  Guaranteed quality The Sovereign is The Royal Mint's flagship and is renown across the world as a symbol of quality, accuracy and a masterpiece of design. 


•  Tax free gold This gold coin is exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT).


•  Your last chance to order this coin at RRP. Some of the 2018 Sovereigns are already sold out at The Royal Mint and other coin shops are raising their prices. Secure your Sovereign at the mint's RRP while you can.


•  Popularity The Sovereign is the flagship coin of The Royal Mint and known world-wide for its superior quality and craftsmanship. This makes the Sovereign and widely traded gold coin.