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Be a clever collector – with the BNT Collector Service!

Coin collecting is a fascinating hobby

Collecting and caring for individual items is fun and the high point is completing the collection – the goal of any collector. This is why BNT helps collectors build complete collections methodically and conveniently with its Collector Service.

Simple, convenient

You decide which theme or themes you want to devote your collection to. We send the coins to you at regular intervals of around three to four weeks, simply and conveniently. That way, your collection grows item by item and in value right to completion – on a monthly budget you can afford!

The advantages for you

1. You collect at reduced prices compared to single purchases
2. Free extras
3. You set the budget
4. Top quality
5. Numerous guarantees

1. You collect at reduced prices

With our Collector Service, you receive your starter coin whatever the BNT collection at a low, preferential BNT price. That means you save money from the very first payment. For all the other coins in your collection that you buy through the BNT Collector Service, you have a price reduction of at least 5 per cent – a clear saving compared with ordering each coin separately.

2. Free extras

With a BNT collection you get more than just your coins; you also get numerous exclusive extras. These include ownership documents, certificates of authenticity and a quality coin tray – as well as numerous other additions, depending on the collection, in the shape of album sheets or accompanying brochures. And the best thing about is – you get all these services free of charge!

3. You set the budget

For selected themes you can set an average monthly budget for your collection. We always deliver within your budget. If the value of a coin is twice as high as the amount you set, we will skip a month before the next delivery. But remember – the higher your monthly amount, the faster your collection will grow!

4. Top quality

You receive only high-grade collector items that have been carefully inspected and prepared by our experts. You can also look forward to having rare coins which are sought after worldwide and which BNT reserves for you through its international contacts as part of your collection.

5. Numerous guarantees

  • Satisfaction guaranteed: You receive the prepaid coin on spec with no obligation to buy for 14 days – so you only keep what you really like!
  • Authenticity guaranteed: Certificates of authenticity guarantee without limit of time that the delivered coins are authentic. This means that you can be absolutely sure of the value of your collection!
  • No-risk guarantee: You can stop collecting temporarily or permanently at any time. Just phone us or send us an email!