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BNT customer rating guidelines

Rating rules

BNT offers you the opportunity to express your view of an item. You can write comments and report on your experiences, for example of BNT's service.

In the interest of all users, the editorial team reserves the right to read posts prior to publication and, if need be, edit or reject them.
Checking may take a few hours. Registered users are notified by email when their comment or reader report is activated or rejected.

1. Privacy policy statement

All personal data are treated confidentially. The information you provide will be stored on our servers for possible subsequent publication and may, if the seller is not BNT be forwarded to the respective seller of the item for publication by them.

2. Rating conditions

All the transferable rights of use attached to ratings are transferred to BNT In sending your rating you grant us exclusive licence to use it without limitation of time or place for any purpose whatsoever, online and offline, especially for reproduction in our catalogues and other printed advertising media, as well as for forwarding to third parties. You guarantee that the rating is free of third-party rights.

We reserve the right to shorten or modify submitted ratings if doing so does not distort the meaning. We also reserve the right not to publish a rating, or to subsequently remove it.
You have no legal claim to remuneration of any kind. We can, but are not obliged to, name the author of the rating.

3. Netiquette

a. Comments
BNT Online expressly encourages its user to comment on items. Comments are rather like a letter to the editor. Registered users can write up to 800 characters in the comment field.

b. Reader reports
In some sections, BNT Online provides the possibility of writing longer reports instead of comments. Registered users can formulate their experiences with the BNT Hotline, for example.

c. Rules

  1. Please respect spelling and punctuation. We regret that we are unable to publish posts containing too many linguistic errors, incorrect sentence structure, continuous lowercase or uppercase letters, highlighting, excessive punctuation, missing spaces, unusual abbreviations, emoticons or other chat symbols.
  2. We attach special importance to an objective style, a friendly tone, tolerance and respect for differing opinions.
  3. Comments/reader reports will be deleted if they discriminate against others for reasons of gender, age, language, ethnic origin, religious faith or world view.
  4. Demagogic, sexist or racist remarks will result in immediate deletion of the comment/reader report and blocking of the account.
  5. Texts should be written by yourself.
  6. You are not permitted to include contact addresses, real names, phone numbers, Web links or commercial or promotional information.
  7. Please note that we cannot give any details about the value of a coin or commemorative issue in the comments.

Please send questions to service@bnt.org.uk

BNT Online is not liable for the content of user submissions and reminds readers that they are responsible for their posts.

You are welcome to send any notifications about comments and reader reports which violate our terms and conditions of use to service@bnt.org.uk.