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Shipping costs

The costs in mainland UK and Northern Ireland for carriage and handling are at the most £4.50 for orders up to £500 and £7.50 for orders over £500 (£8.80 for bullion coins and bars). You can find the terms and conditions for delivery abroad below. Carriage and handling are charged per delivery in the case of successive dispatches for collections. Special conditions apply for promotions, in which case the carriage and handling charges for that particular offer are stated.

Several items

When you order several items at one time, it may for technical reasons not be possible to dispatch all the coins in one consignment. However, you pay the stated shipping costs only once even in the case of several deliveries.

Unavailable items

Our stocks of items are limited and so it can happen that an item is quickly sold out. If so, we notify you as quickly as possible that the item you want is not available.

Deliveries abroad

Orders and deliveries are not possible outside the UK.