Why Buy Your Coins From Us?

We're More Than Simply a Coin Shop

The Biggest Choice

Our aim is to offer the widest choice of coins online in the UK. Whatever coin you want - and the ones you don't know you want yet! - you will find it on our site or via our VIP Collector's Service.

How will we do this? BNT Coins has close relationship with the world's most important mints, which means if you can't find the new Royal Mint, British Pobjoy Mint or Royal Canadian Mint coin on our website, you probably won't find it on our competitors'. Our experts visit trade shows and auctions all over the world on your behalf. This is how we’re able to find virtually any coin in the world for you, from antiquity to the present day.

Unparalleled Experience & Expertise

BNT Coins is the UK branch of MDM, part of the famous Richard Borek Group, which is the world's largest coin trading company and was established in 1896. MDM has the license to produce and sells coin that celebrate international sporting events, such as the World Cup and the Olympics, with the support of Fifa, Uefa and the IOC. It also has long established partnerships with mints from across the world, including The Royal Mint, the South African Mint, the US Mint and Royal Canadian Mint.

This means we're backed by more than 120 years of numismatic experience. Our colleagues are respected the world over for their experience and expertise. This is how we’re able to find virtually any coin in the world for you, from antiquity to the present day. And, as an official distributor, we have pre-emptive purchase rights even for coins with long reservation lists at the official mints.

For the serious collector, we can provide detailed, expert information and advice for our customers. You will receive comprehensive details about market and price developments, as well as access to the world's largest numismatic network.

Guaranteed Authenticity

Shop with confidence with BNT Coins. You won't find any scams, or buy fakes or missold products here. In addition to the quality control at the supplying mint, all coins sold by are are painstakingly checked again by our in-house experts before dispatch to guarantee the authenticity of the coins we sell.

We produce our own one-off and collectible medals, which not only have exquisite designs are sent to the Assay Office to verify gold or silver content.

Where applicable, your coin will come with a Certificate of Authenticity and Certificate of Ownership.

Satisfaction is Guaranteed

You only keep what you like. This is why you can keep every coin for 14 days without any obligation and return it any time during that period under guarantee (this does not apply to bullion coins and bars). You can stop collections temporarily or permanently at any time with a simple email or phone call. You’ll find more information about our cancellation policy and a cancellation form here. Please note our differing terms and conditions for orders of goods with prices which are subject to fluctuating financial markets.


Quite simply, you can trust in our excellence and expertise. 


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