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  • Silver Coins Limited 2017 - an amazing international array of quality silver coins
  • The Solomon Islands silver coin features a turtle
  • Barbados silver coin features a flamingo
  • Free elegant wooden box for your silver coins
  • The silver coin from Bhutan marks the year of the rooster
  • The African county of Djibouti's coin depicts a waterbuck
  • Laos' Pantheris Tigris silver coin
  • The Vanuatu silver coin displays the wooden slit drum

International Silver Coin Collection Available to British Coin Collectors for the First Time

Article Number: 22134/001

  • Save 50% on your first silver coin
  • 99.9% fine silver coins
  • Free elegant storage box
  • Exclusive, specially curated collection
  • Legal tender from paradise islands
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instead of £19.95
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The Collection

Build a remarkable collection of 99.9% silver coins from far flung exoctic locations.

For a spectacular price, you will receive fine silver coins with wildly creative designs that you'll find hard to get anywhere else.

The first 99.9% fine silver coin is half price at just £9.95. Plus we'll send you a FREE stylish, high quality wooden storage box with a black material interior that will make your coins all the more impressive.

Save 50% today

For a limited time, we're offering you an instant saving on the first silver coin.

Start collecting the first edition of the unique Silver Coins Limited collection and you will receive the first issue, Turtle. The coin, which is legal tender in the Soloman Islands, is a beautifully creative design featuring an animal that the country is passionate about protecting.

The second coin is from the Caribbean island of Barbados, with a design that almost as tantalising as the country's blue waters. But that's all we're saying for now...

Free welcome gift

To ensure you get the most out of your new collection, we will send you a FREE elegant wooden collection box to store your new silver coins. The black interior sets of the dazzling coins with beautiful effect. You will receive it with the first coin giving you the a stylish way to protect your silver coins.

High specification coins

The exotic designs are struck on 99.9% fine silver. Each coin is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity to guarantee the specifications.

Exclusive privy mark

Each silver coin in the Silver Coins Limited collection has an exclusive SCL12 privy mark (Silver Coins Limited, 12 coins a year). This privy mark will not be found on any other silver coin.

Collect coins without risk

The other 11 issues of this unique collection all of which are legal tender in their issuing countries are currently available for only £19.95 each.

We guarantee we will not increase the price once you have secured the collection.

Rest assured, you can return any release within 14 days of receipt for a full refund of the purchase price or cancel this collection at any time. In addition, you can pause or end your collection at any time. Simply call, email or write to us.

New limited edition

For the first time, British coin collectors can own this international silver coin collection, which was put together under the co-ordination of the World Coin Association.

It's strictly limited to just 20,000 issues worldwide. It's been very popular with coin collectors around the world so we advise you not to hesitate in securing the low price silver coin collection today.

At a Glance

•  You will receive the 12 significant 1/10 ounce silver coins from the year 2017

•  World premiere: This is the first edition of Silver Coins Limited

•  Each official coin was minted from 99.9% fine silver and is a legal tender in the respective issuing country.

•  The highest quality mirror finish ensures a detailed representation of the coin designs typical of the country

•  Each silver coin bears the exclusive privy mark SCL12

•  Limited to only 20,000 issues worldwide

•  Unbeatable value for money: Pay less than £10 for your first fine silver coin

•  The other 11 fine silver coins are only £19.95 each

•  The high-quality collection storage box and your personalised Certificate of Ownership are free

•  You will receive each silver coin for 14 days to view without obligation and can return it within this period of time. You can terminate the regular subscription at any time.


In addition to your fine silver collectible coins, you will receive:

•  A personalised Certificate of Ownership
•  A Certificate of Authenticity with each coin
•  An elegant wooden box with black interior

Feature: Exclusive Privy Mark
Mintage: 20,000
Year of Issue: 2017
Collection: Silver Coins Limited 2017
Country of Issue: Various
Metal: 99.9% Fine Silver
Quality: Mirror Finish
Currency: Various
Diameter: 28mm
Weight: 3.11g
Delivery time:
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