• The obverse features Louis Tamlyn's 2017 Britannia design
The obverse features Louis Tamlyn's 2017 Britannia design Click to enlarge

The Royal Mint Britannia 2017 1oz Silver Proof Coin

Article Number: 1349510107

  • Struck in a special anniversary year for the Britannia coin
  • Features a trident mint mark for 2017 only
  • Proof quality
  • Silver 999/1000
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30 Years of Britannia

This 1 oz silver Proof coin from the Royal Mint offers a brand new Britannia design for 2017

A new take on a classic of numismatic design, this silver Proof coin is a must-have issue from the Royal Mint 

Britannia in 2017

Designed by Louis Tamlyn, the 2017 Britannia features a new, modern design reflecting a year of vast political change. Britannia's body and dress fades into the landmass of Great Britain, symbolising her unity with the United Kingdom, and stability for the future.

This silver coin also features an exclusive trident mark, reserved solely for the 2017 Britannia. 

2017 also marks two notable anniversaries for this iconic coin: 1987, when the Britannia bullion was first introduced to the international market, and 1997, the year in which the first silver Britannia bullion coin was issued. 

Britannia - a symbol of Britain 

Like America's Lady Liberty or France's Marianne, Britannia is the female personification of Britain. Appearing on British coins for centuries, Britannia is an enduring symbol, reflecting the spirit and values of Britain. Politics and culture may change, but Britannia remains a steadfast reminder of unity, liberty and strength. 

“Here is a new Britannia, a modern Britannia. She holds her ancient warrior attributes – crested helmet, spear and shield – as a constant, a sign of stability and a long-lasting emblem of a nation. She is holding her spear with serenity and her shield with strength. Great Britain is illustrated by incorporating Britannia into its silhouette – her flowing robe is in fact the stable, rocky surface of Britain itself." - designer Louis Tamlyn. 


Coin Specifications
Mintage: 7,500
Year of Issue: 2017
Collection: The 2017 Britannia
Country of Issue: United Kingdom
Metal: Silver 999/1000
Quality: Proof
Mint: The Royal Mint
Currency: Pound
Diameter: 38.61mm
Weight: 31.21g

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