The Platinum Wedding Anniversary 2017 £10 5oz Silver Proof Coin

Article Number: 1354850109

  • Struck in proof quality silver 999/1000
  • The obverse bears the portrait of Her Majesty and The Duke of Edinburgh by sculptor Etienne Millner
  • VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY - Just 1,947 available! 
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The Royal MintCelebrate the longest Royal marriage in British history with this stunning limited edition silver proof Platinum Anniversary coin from The Royal Mint. 

In 2017, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip celebrated an astonishing marital milestone. 70 years had passed since their nuptials in 1947. Few couples are lucky enough to reach such a remarkable anniversary, and the union of Elizabeth II and Philip is indeed the longest lasting British Royal marriage in history. 

To celebrate this happy occasion, The Royal Mint has issued this beautiful gold coin - a touching tribute to an enduring union. 

The coin's design

The coin's lavish obverse features two elegant profile portraits of the Queen and Prince Philip. Rendered in beautiful detail, they signify the Queen's dual role as both a monarch, and as a wife and mother. The couple look right across the coin to their future together.   

“This coin is celebrating the longest royal marriage in British history and it is a traditional design with Her Majesty wearing a royal coronet and Prince Philip shown in the supporting position of a royal consort. I am hoping to portray The Queen not only as monarch but as a wife, mother and grandmother. My intention is that this coin makes reference to two sides of The Queen's life: her sense of duty as the longest serving monarch and as head of a large family committed to the future success of the country.” Etienne Millner, sculptor of the obverse image 

The Double Shield

The reverse features the special Double Shield design by John Bergdahl. 

“The layout for the design was inspired by the official programmes of events for state occasions at the time the royal couple were married. A formal armorial (a heraldic device) sits above the inscription, rather than taking up the whole of the centre with the arms and putting the inscription around the outside. The double arms depicts the heraldic lineage of both families at the time of their union.”



Coin Specifications
Mintage: 1,947
Year of Issue: 2017
Collection: Platinum Wedding Anniversary 2017
Country of Issue: UK
Metal: Silver 999/1000
Quality: Proof
Mint: The Royal Mint
Currency: Pounds
Diameter: 65mm
Weight: 156.295g
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